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Welcome to my picture gallery. I've always had an interest in photograpghy, encouraged by my father with a Konica FT-1, bought for me at the tender age of 12, but didn't really want to get into it until a trip to Europe after graduating from SF State in 1995. I decided before the trip that whatever I shot I would learn to develop and print by myself. So, I took my Canon Photura camera--which was fully automatic as I wasn't super comfortable with all the technical aspects of a manual SLR, not to mention the high probablity that the camera would be damaged or lost on such a trip--bought only black and white film, came back and signed up for a photo class at the Harvey Milk Rec Center in San Francisco and have been dancing with "taking pictures" ever since.

I love getting the shot, seeing the entire story in the image when it comes back to me in review. When, regardless of what I've witnessed, a complete stranger still gets what's going on without any caption or explanation. Just beauty, joy, sometimes pain or sadness. I especially like when someone comes upon an image and just utters "wow". Happens sometimes. Not a lot, but enough to keep me firing away.

so. Pictures, images, my kids, my husband, my friends, my life. Great life. Love it.